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    came home to a package and note <3

  4. Before.



    My Story. Believe it or not, that first picture was me once upon a time. I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t popular, and throughout elementary, middle, and even parts of high school, I got the biggest shit for it. Name calling and bullying? I’ve had my share of it. I was pushed down lower and lower in the chain of society and really had no idea what to do or why I felt so negatively about myself. Low esteem. Yes. Sadness. Yes. Hurt? Hell yes. But you know what? Time and effort never seems to help so much. I somehow stayed strong and taught myself to change for the better, to change for myself so that one day I could stand on my own and say “Fuck you society. Look what I have done with myself.” Girls, keep in mind that there’s an inner beauty about a woman that believes in herself; who knows that she’s capable of anything she puts her mind to. There’s beauty in the strength and determination of a woman that follows her own path, who isn’t thrown off by obstacles in her way. There’s beauty in the woman who has the confidences that comes from experiences, the one that can fall, pick herself up again, and move on. So here it finally is:

    Fuck you society, look where I am now.


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    Close up picture of my thigh piece for @castrobitchh

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    Updated photo of my thigh piece.

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    Salute dope style when you see it 

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